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cmlabs::UDPConnection Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cmlabs::UDPConnection:
cmlabs::NetworkConnection cmlabs::Runnable

Public Member Functions

bool initForOutputOnly ()
bool connect (uint16 port, NetworkDataReceiver *receiver=NULL)
bool send (char *data, uint32 size, uint64 receiver=0)
bool reconnect ()
bool setDefaultReceiver (uint64 receiver)
uint64 getLocalAddress ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cmlabs::NetworkConnection
virtual bool disconnect (uint16 error=0)
virtual bool didConnect (int timeout=0)
virtual bool isConnected (int timeout=0)
virtual bool isRemote ()
virtual uint64 getRemoteAddress ()
bool setConnectTimeout (uint32 timeoutMS)
virtual bool receive (char *data, uint32 size, uint32 timeout, bool peek=false)
virtual bool receiveAvailable (char *data, uint32 &size, uint32 maxSize, uint32 timeout, bool peek=false)
virtual bool discard (uint32 size)
virtual uint32 clearBuffer ()
virtual bool waitForDataToRead (uint32 timeout)
virtual bool waitForDataToBeWritten (uint32 timeout)
virtual uint32 getOutputSpeed ()
virtual uint32 getInputSpeed ()
virtual uint8 getConnectionType ()
bool setGreetingData (const char *data, uint32 size)
- Public Member Functions inherited from cmlabs::Runnable
virtual bool stop (uint32 timeout=200)

Protected Attributes

uint64 defaultReceiver
- Protected Attributes inherited from cmlabs::NetworkConnection
uint8 type
uint64 remoteAddress
uint64 localAddress
uint64 lastActivity
uint32 threadID
SOCKET socket
bool remote
uint32 bufferLen
uint32 bufferContentLen
uint32 bufferContentPos
utils::Mutex mutex
utils::Mutex sendMutex
char * buffer
uint32 connectTimeoutMS
uint32 inputSpeed
uint32 outputSpeed
uint64 inputBytes
uint64 outputBytes
- Protected Attributes inherited from cmlabs::Runnable
uint32 threadID
bool shouldContinue
bool isRunning



Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from cmlabs::NetworkConnection
char * greetingData
uint32 greetingSize
- Protected Member Functions inherited from cmlabs::NetworkConnection
virtual int32 readIntoBuffer ()
virtual bool resizeBuffer (uint32 len)
virtual bool run ()

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