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cmlabs::ThreadManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for cmlabs::ThreadManager:

Public Member Functions

bool init ()
bool shutdown ()
int32 threadMonitoring ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from cmlabs::Runnable
virtual bool stop (uint32 timeout=200)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CreateThreadManager ()
static bool CreateThread (THREAD_FUNCTION func, void *args, uint32 &newID, uint32 reqID=0)
static bool PauseThread (uint32 id)
static bool ContinueThread (uint32 id)
static bool InterruptThread (uint32 id)
static bool TerminateThread (uint32 id)
static bool IsThreadRunning (uint32 id)
static bool AddLocalThreadStats ()
static bool GetLocalThreadID (uint32 &id)
static ThreadStats GetLocalThreadStats ()
static ThreadStats GetThreadStats (uint32 id)
static ThreadStatsGetAllThreadStats (uint32 &count)
static bool Shutdown ()

Static Public Attributes

static ThreadManagerSingleton = NULL

Protected Member Functions

bool createThread (THREAD_FUNCTION func, void *args, uint32 &newID, uint32 reqID)
bool pauseThread (uint32 id)
bool continueThread (uint32 id)
bool interruptThread (uint32 id)
bool terminateThread (uint32 id)
bool isThreadRunning (uint32 id)
bool addLocalThreadStats ()
bool getLocalThreadID (uint32 &id)
ThreadStats getThreadStats (uint32 id)
ThreadStatsgetAllThreadStats (uint32 &count)
bool resizeThreadStorage (uint32 newCount)

Protected Attributes

utils::Mutex mutex
unsigned char * data
- Protected Attributes inherited from cmlabs::Runnable
uint32 threadID
bool shouldContinue
bool isRunning

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