CMSDK  2.0.1
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cmlabs::RequestReply Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool isComplete ()
bool setStatus (RequestStatus status)
RequestStatus getStatus ()
std::string getStatusText ()
bool setCallback (RequestCallbackFunction callback)
RequestCallbackFunction getCallback ()
bool replyToRequest (DataMessage *msg, RequestStatus status)
bool giveRequestMessage (DataMessage *msg)
bool setRequestMessageCopy (DataMessage *msg)
DataMessagegetRequestMessageCopy ()
DataMessagepeekRequestMessage ()
bool giveReplyMessage (DataMessage *msg)
bool setReplyMessageCopy (DataMessage *msg)
DataMessagegetReplyMessageCopy ()
DataMessagepeekReplyMessage ()
RequestStatus waitForResult (uint32 timeoutMS)
DataMessagewaitForMessage (uint32 timeoutMS, bool takeMessage=false)
uint64 getRequestDuration ()
uint32 getRequestDurationMS ()

Public Attributes

uint64 startTime
uint64 finishTime
uint64 origin
uint64 processor
uint64 clientRef
uint64 execRef
uint64 gatewayRef
uint64 customRef
uint32 systemID
bool isLongReq
bool isInUse

Protected Attributes

RequestCallbackFunction callback
RequestStatus status
utils::Mutex mutex
utils::Semaphore semaphore

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